Every day is an adventure!

By Brianne Fennessy

Hi! My name is Brianne Fennessy and I will be a Senior at Union College studying Sociology, German and Women & Gender studies.  Music and the arts have always had a very constant and important role in my life.  Growing up, I experimented with playing the flute, the cello, singing in the choir and all different types of dance as well.  I am a big believer in being open minded and embracing new experiences.  I have found that these two qualities have definitely helped me in my time here at SPAC.  In order to be successful here, I think that the willingness to really throw oneself into something key.  It is important to really give a task your all-whether it’s promoting an event on a chalkboard and making painstakingly sure those displays are colorful, clear and neat or distributing brochures in a new area or making cold calls for our upcoming auction and being confident and enthusiastic.

I have a lot of different interests, so something else that I have appreciated about working at SPAC is the variability that each day holds.  On any ordinary day, I typically answer and make phone calls, respond to customer emails, organize, coordinate and work to raise money for our upcoming auction at the Wine & Food Festival in September.  However, there aren’t too many ordinary days here at SPAC—so aside from those tasks, I’ve also dressed up in a lion mascot costume (yes, that was me!), spray painted Quidditch balls, gone on a wild hunt for the perfect…. tub stopper, driven all over the capital region distributing posters and brochures, watched the NYC Ballet perform from the wings of the stage, dug into the 1983 archives to find out the summer schedule for a curious customer, helped find the lead singer of Def Leppard’s favorite shirt, attempted to use my artistic skills to promote our events, been a bar back for wine tasting events…and so on!

Each day is new and exciting. Before this summer, I never thought I could make a cold call, asking for a donation, but now I probably speak to 40 strangers a day.  My experience here has taught me a lot about myself, other people and business in general—and I anticipate that I will only continue to learn much more in the next month!


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