A Day in the Life: Inner Monologue from a SPAC Intern

By Lucia Schepps

7:13am – Alarm goes off. I’ve found that I avoid pushing the snooze button if I set my alarm to an odd number. I’m less tempted to calculate 7:13+5 than 7:15+5. Simple numbers, complex thoughts.

8:00am – Breakfast of champions: 2 large cups of coffee, 1 serving of oatmeal, and a healthy sprinkle of blueberries – topped off by background noise of perky morning TV shows telling me about the latest summer trends and the long awaited finale episode of The Bachelorette: Season 5,690,890,789

8:45am – On the road. Down East, up Nelson, right onto Crescent…

8:58am – At my desk. Always be early, on time is late.

9:05am – Listen to the 24 messages left after last night’s Lil Wayne concert

…11:16pm “Hiiiiiii SPAAAAAC, I lost my phoooooone”

….11:19pm “Um, Hi, is this the right number? I lost my phone at the concert tonight…”

…12:09am “Is this the lost and found? I can’t find my phone…”

…there are 5 more messages just like this. Don’t these people have pockets?

9:45am – I check my purse, just to make sure I didn’t lose my phone when I stopped by the concert last night. It’s safe. #winning

10am – Staff meeting to discuss the schedule for tonight’s Family Night and performance of The Philadelphia Orchestra. I’ve made copies but forgot to press the “staple” function on the high tech copy machine that I’ve battled with so many times before. You win this time, copy machine.

12pm – What is “lunch”? Is it the 30 seconds I take between phone calls to scarf down trail mix?

12:33am – I’m back at my desk going through today’s newspapers looking for clips about SPAC. There is a piece on Branford Marsalis and a review of the Chamber Music Series. I put them together to make copies for our files. I walk into the copy room again and stare across the paneled walls to the hard edged plastic machine purring quietly in the corner. The “start” light flashes in the distance, we meet again.

1:49pm – I call the Hall of Springs Catering Office to order linens, ice buckets and tables for tonight’s event. I’ve never said the word “linen” as much as I have during this internship. You have no idea how many times you need linens in life…seriously.

3:15pm – I make an excuse to go to the Box Office so I can walk through the park. I walk extra slow and blame it on my cute new heels.

3:29pm – I have a missed call from my boss. Maybe she noticed I’m wearing flats…

5:00pm – Stewart’s should be showing up any minute now with free ice cream for tonight’s promotion. I keep my face pressed against the window. I am determined to be the first to see that truck. I’ve been waiting all week for a free dish of Cookie Whipped.

5:14pm – THEY’RE HERE

5:16pm – It took exactly 2 minutes to finish my dish of ice cream. Best 2 minutes of my week.

5:17pm – I shouldn’t have eaten that ice cream so fast…

6:00pm – The family night preshow event begins. There is a magician, a stiltz walker, chalk contests, and balloon animals. I ask the balloon animal guy to make me a pony, he gives me a funny look. I walk away empty handed and remind myself to remove my SPAC employee tag before asking next time.

7pm – Time to facilitate the Children’s Workshop on the Lawn. I practice my opening line over and over again “Hello everyone”, “Hi everybody”, “Welcome all…”

7:05pm – It’s time to start, I forget my line…

7:06pm – “Hello everybody and welcome to our Albany Medical Center Children’s Workshop Series on the Lawn!”…nailed it!

7:40pm – After the workshop we give away free water bottles. A flood of hands come into sight and I panic. In a flash, the bottles are gone and hysterically smiley kids are running back to their picnics on the lawn.

8pm – The performance starts, it’s time to go enjoy the bennies of being a SPAC intern. Another successful day at the office.

11:13pm – I have a text message from Intern Chloe asking me to pick up 1,500 crackers tomorrow morning before work…always on call.


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